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Fix windows taskbar icons

Sometimes, Windows taskbar icons are displayed incorrectly or just a blank page icon is displayed instead. To resolve this issue I had to search for almost 2 hours on internet and there are so many solutions provided but none of them really works. The only solution to this problem is quite simple.


1. Press window+r. This will open run dialog box.

2. write “%userprofile%\AppData\Local\” and press enter. This open a folder. This folder contains a hidden file named “thumbs.db“. This is a hidden file so don’t forget to enable show hidden files in folder options. Now just delete this file and restart the computer. If you don’t want to restart the pc then start the task manager. Go to process tab and select explorer.exe and end this process. Now restart the explorer.exe. In task manager press new task and just write explorer.exe and press enter.

3. All done. Now your icons will display correctly.


We all have faced problems with windows being sluggish, longer start up times and longer shutdown times. There are three free tools to make your pc faster again.

1. msconfig

This is a built-in function in windows. To start msconfig press windows+r which will open the run window. Write “msconfig” and press enter. A system configuration window will open as shown above.

Go to startup tab. Now uncheck the Programs that you don’t want to start at the start-up and click apply. This will decrease the load on start-up process.

2. ccleaner

CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. To download CCleaner go here.

3. Defraggler

After cleaning up your pc the deleted files leave the blank spaces Which causes fragmentation and slows down the system performance. Defragler is the best defragmentation tool out there. To download Defraggler go here.

1. First Download Turbo C Simulator from following link.

2. Install it.

3. Now Turbo C Simulator start automatically.

4. Click on the middle button.

5. It will create a shorcut on the desktop named “TurboC FIXED”.

6. Open it. And it will open Turbo C in full screen.

7. To repair a existing installation of turbo c.( It is the TC the folder you might have on your computer ). Click on the check box next to options.

8. Select “Fix existing TC installation”. And then click on browse button and select the folder TC.

9. Now click on repair. It will also create a short cut on your desktop. Open it. Don’t try to open TC/BIN/TC.exe. It won’t work. Just open it from the desktop shortcut.

  1. Right click on autorun. Then click on Troubleshoot compability.  A window as shown in picture will appear.
  2. Click on Try recommended settings.
  3. Click on start the program.
  4. Install HFSS.
  5. Don’t install any drivers, press next. A new window will appear press ok.After completing installation Copy license.lic into C:Program FilesAnsoftadmin
  6. Copy Ansoftfix.COM C:Program FilesAnsoftHFSS11. These 2 files are in crack folder.
  7.  You might just be seeing Ansoftfix.COM file as only “Ansoft”. So in order to edit its extension go to Organize>Folder and search options.
  8. Go to View tab. Uncheck the box next to Hide extensions for the known file types.
  9. Now you will be able to see the extension of Ansoftfix.
  10. Rename Ansoftfix.COM to Ansoftfix.exe
  11. Now right click on it and run as administrator.
  12. All done!
  13. Run the program.

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