1. Download ubuntu 12.04 desktop iso file here.

2. Download WinCDEmu here.

3. To know more about WinCDEmu checkout my post here.

4. Double click on the ubuntu iso or right-click and select “Select drive letter & mount”.

5. This will open a dialog box as shown below. Select the options you want ans click ok.

6. Now as you can see the ubuntu disk is mounted and ready to be used.

7. Open the disk and run wubi.exe. As you can see there is no option for installing ubuntu alongside windows 7, Because it has been disabled in the new versions of ubuntu.

8. To enable this feature. Press windows+r. This will open the run dialog box. write “cmd” and press enter. This will open command prompt. Now write “V:/wubi.exe –force-wubi” and press enter.

9. This will also open wubi. But this time it has one more option in the middle: Install inside windows. Click on it.

10. Now select the drive where you want to install ubuntu. I recommend using C drive because using other drives sometimes end up in errors. Choose disk space(Recommended: at least 12 GB). Choose your username and password and click install.

11. Now let the process complete. After completion of the process restart the computer. Now your computer will automatically boot into ubuntu and installation process will start. Installation process is pretty straight forward so I am not going to talk about it here. The installation process can take 30-60 minutes. Depending upon your pc. After the installtion you will see 2 boot options: (i)Windows 7/xp/vista (ii) ubuntu. Select ubuntu.

If you get stuck at any stage while installing ubuntu just leave a comment. I will get back to you as soon as possible.